Earth Day 2012

LITTLE ROCK, AR, April 12, 2012 –

Scarce resources, higher prices, harm to the environment.  Sound like recent headlines to you?  For over 40 years, there have been people from all walks of life banding together to do what they can for the collective good of our planet.

If you have never participated, what would it look like if you took the opportunity to be eco-aware for just one day?  What if that day you decided to make a long term commitment that would sustain environmental savings, reduce costs, and promote responsibility the next day, and for the days to come?  You know an everyday is Earth Day kind of awareness?

On April 22, 2012, we encourage you to participate in some manner to reduce your impact upon our environment while creating an awareness within your circle of influence.

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 If you are not familiar with buying food in self dispensing bins, then you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to benefit consumers, the environment, and your store.  Reductions and savings can be found throughout the production and supply chain, and the benefits are huge. 

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Trade Fixtures was founded in the early 1980’s and is currently owned by the Marmon Group. Trade Fixtures manufactures award-winning bulk dispensing bins and fixture systems for supermarkets, independent retailers, and foodservice applications. Manufactured in the United States of America and sold in over 45 countries worldwide. Your success is our success!




About Marmon
The Marmon Group, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is a global, diversified industrial organization. Marmon comprises three autonomous companies consisting of approximately 160 independent manufacturing and service businesses. These businesses operate approximately 300 manufacturing, distribution and service facilities, and employ more than 17,000 people worldwide. Revenues exceeded $7 billion in 2012.