Introducing the H2OptimizedTM Enhanced Water system from Trade Fixtures.  With the H2OptimizedTM, consumers can create their own all-natural, purified enriched water to fit their specific needs and taste.  Utilizing our easy and intuitive touchscreen, the H2OptimizedTM allows them to select a water type (sparkling or still), add a vitamin/mineral enhancement, and flavor to dispense into a bottle or jug.

The H2OptimizedTM is ideal for use in your natural foods department, a deli/foodservice area, or any area where needed resources such as water, electricity or backroom storage are available.  

Today's environmental seeking, health-conscious consumers are looking for a clean, refreshing beverage alternative to sugary drinks, and the H2OptimizedTM provides just that.   Water + Vitamins + Flavor = H2Optimized.


IMG 4106 The high volume bulk inline option:

  • allows a customer to purchase a bottle, or jug
  • typically a 32 oz., or 1-3 gallon serving size
  • usually is a buy and consume later option sold in a natural foods aisle, or department
  • does not require a chiller/carbonator
  • beautiful cabinet with stainless steel countertop
  • merchandising space for bottles and jugs 
  • beautiful graphics package


  choose r2 c2
  choose r2 c4

 IMG 4107

The foodservice/deli option:


  • allows a customer to purchase a cup
  • typically a 16, 20 or 32 oz. serving size
  • usually is an immediate consumption option sold in a deli/foodservice area
  • requiring a chiller/carbonator which provides cold, sparkling water
  • use our cabinet, or your counterspace


  choose r2 c6
    * - plus hundreds of other flavors available.



The vitamins, and flavors are: 


  • manufactured in the US
  • all natural and organic ingredients
  • naturally flavored - no HFCS, no artificial sweeteners, or sulfites
  • contain no preservatives, color or trans fat
  • are gluten free / vegan and vegetarian friendly


The H2OptimizedTM system also allows you (the store owner) to receive live, real time data on usage and other telemetric data to your hand held smartphone, or laptop device.  It also utilizes a state of the art, KX filtration system with FACT (Fibrillated Absorbent Cellulose Technology) which is included, for water filtration.  This industry leading, water filter technology purifies water where high percentages of very small adsorbents are immobilized down to 1 micron average particle size, meaning a longer lasting filter, and a cleaner, purer drinking water.  

If you have any questions, or would like any more information regarding the H2OptimizedTM enhanced bulk water system, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .