U2 Steel

Durable and Functional

Strong steel framework made to work with all our mounting components from our Top Shelves with built-in catch trays to our Shelf Beams with ‘slide-out’ arms for easy filling of our scoop bins.

Options to meet your Decor

Many options for adding your store’s decor to match your new bulk displays. Choose from a wide variety of wood laminate accent pieces in tons of color options.

Easy to Install & Shopping Accessories

So easy to install…ship pre-assembled, remove from the pallet, and put in place at your store. Provide ease of shopping for your customers with add on scales and workstations, along with bag and container holders, all made to fit perfectly on the fixture/display.

Gondola Components

We have everything you need to add bulk dispensers to your existing gondola shelving. Our strong and durable steel components fit directly onto your gondolas, upright and basedeck.

In addition to the steel components, we also offer millwork storage boxes and workstations in many colors and wood grains, and have ways to mount scales and other bulk specific items that will make your customer’s shopping experience fun and easy

A photo of a store aisle with gravity bins lining the wall.

Swing Down Arm

Our Swing Down Arm uses hydraulics to aid in lowering a gravity dispenser to a height where a store associate can more easily fill/refill, without the need to remove the dispenser from the fixture.

– Labor Savings
– Time Savings
– More Efficient and Safer

A photo of a store wall with a variety of empty gravity bins.