Global Leaders in Bulk Food Dispensing

A photo of eight gravity bins in a row.

Trade Fixtures seeks to lead the package-free food
revolution by providing smart dispensing systems
that both delight today’s environmental and
health-conscious shoppers and create a
sustainable value for retailers.

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Our Offerings

From individual bulk dispensers to a complete bulk department, we can provide a customized consumer experience that fits for your space.

A photo of eight gravity bins.

Bulk Products

Save on resources, packaging and cost with durable, proven bulk dispensers. Our innovative dispensers provide a variety of bulk options including:

  • Gravity Dispensers
  • Scoop Bins
  • Bulk Dept Necessities and Parts
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A photo of the Rhino Grinder.

Nut Butter Grinder

RHINO® Grind, a Nut Butter Grinder from Trade Fixtures is designed to eliminate the problems current units in the market have. Enjoy the ability to grind all different types of nuts without the troubles of locking up and overheating.

RHINO® Grind offers:

  • Space Maximization
  • Durability
  • Cleanliness
RHINO Grinder


Displayed properly, bulk foods generate excitement and encourage impulse buying. Our bulk fixtures can be tailored to fit your available space and stock with a variety of configurations and options including:

  • Proprietary, Free-standing Steel Displays
  • Beautiful, Wood Cabinets and Displays
  • Custom Millwork
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Comprehensive Solutions

For 40-years, we’ve designed and manufactured thousands of great-looking bulk departments. Our team of professionals will help you design unique bulk departments that match your store’s look and feel.

Natural/Organic Foods
Ready to Eat Snacks & Candy
Almond, Peanut, Cashew, and Assorted Nuts
Gluten-Free, Baking/Cooking Items
Foodservice and Pet Snacks
Bulk Beverages, Vinegars, and Liquids

Sustainable Solutions

Bulk merchandising offers your consumers an environmentally friendly way to purchase products. Trade Fixtures advocates for sustainable solutions and empowering a more circular economy that reaches beyond our fixtures.

Local Food Sources

Sourcing products from local food suppliers requires less fuel to move products, and offers a smaller carbon footprint and fresher product for your consumers.

Less Plastic Waste

Bulk Food saves up to 3X the plastic waste versus pre packaged items. You and your consumers pay for the product they want, not packaging.

Buy What You Need

Give your customers more savings and choice with bulk items. Allow them to choose from more products and purchase the exact amount they need to give them greater value.

Why Bulk Food?

An Unparalleled Customer Experience

Trade Fixtures’ strives to provide a unparalleled customer experience for the Supermarket and Grocery Industry. A true partner, we help with:

  • Strong customer service & partnership
  • Quality, “tried and trusted” products
  • Innovative solutions
Why Bulk Food?