Bulk Products

Made from crystal clear, BPA-free Tritan™ Material, our bulk dispensers are the most durable, widely-accepted bins in the market. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit your preferences.

Gravity Dispensers

Our secure and sanitary gravity dispensers ensure food freshness. These dispensers are easy to clean with built-in flow control to work with a variety of products.

Scoop Bins

These versatile bin merchandise the widest variety of products. Scoop bins feature automatic FIFO stock rotation, a curved, easy to clean design, and are available with scoops or tongs.

Bulk Dept Necessities and Parts

From ‘write-on’ twist ties to bulk liquid tanks, we offer all the items to enhance your customers shopping experience.

Nut Butter Grinder

RHINO® Grind – Nut Butter Grinder from Trade Fixtures. Our grinder is designed to eliminate all of the problems a Retailer may have with the current units being utilized in the market today. Imagine a grinder that doesn’t lock-up, overheat, and has the ability to grind all different types of nuts…that’s what you get with our
RHINO® Grind.

Space Maximization

At only 9-inches wide and designed with the largest BPA-Free hopper available, the RHINO® Grind offers a more efficient use of space, allowing room for an additional fifth unit to fit on a 4-foot wide shelf.


Made from stainless steel and Tritan™, these grinders will hold up.  No overheating or shutdown means staying in service for you and your customers.


With an outer shell made of food-grade aluminum and a unique front spout design this unit is easier to clean than other grinders. Each unit includes a “sneeze guarded” dispensing spout with a patented duckbill valve, keeping product from being exposed to air, and a removable catch tray.


We offer multiple durable and attractive options for mounting or displaying our bulk dispensers in your store.

Bulk Components for Standard Gondola

Easy-to-install components will fit almost any style of standard gondola shelving. Choose from steel shelves with optional catch trays and other innovative fixtures.

Proprietary, Free-standing Steel Displays

Designed and made specifically for our products, we have a wide range of durable steel displays and framework to fit your location’s space.

Beautiful, Wood Cabinets and Displays

Custom designed and built, Trade Fixtures offers beautiful wood cabinets and displays. These displays are hand built and assembled by our skilled craftsmen with high-quality wood and materials.