Sustainable Solutions

Advocating for sustainable solutions and empowering retailers and consumers to reduce their carbon footprints.

Local Food Sources

Bulk goods require less overall transportation to deliver to consumers because they do not require the packaging components to be produced and transported prior to being filled. Additionally bulk products can be packed more densely, reducing the amount of trucks and trips necessary to deliver.

Less Plastic Waste

According to the World Bank, each person generates 0.74 kg of solid waste every day. Purchasing bulk foods will reduce the number of single-use plastics and containers that end up in landfills or contaminating natural areas.

Buy What You Need

Consumers can buy what they need at an average of 30% to 60% savings versus the same item in a single-use container.

Did You Know?

The bags and packages provided for bulk foods are usually fit to the size of the purchase and made of low-grade, recycled paper or plastic. This means less packaging waste ends up in the landfill. Additionally fewer resources are consumed during the packaging and shipping process, since more large bulk bags can fit on a pallet when shipped from the producer to the retailer.

Consumer Friendly

We understand the importance of caring for the environment and we know you and your consumers do too. By shopping bulk, a consumer can reduce both their packaging and food waste.

Get What You Want

Buying in bulk allows consumers to purchase the exact amount they need for a recipe or meal. They are not stuck with a preset amount in a pre-packaged container reducing the chance of additional food waste.

Save Money

Bulk products are significantly less expensive than the same item in a pre-packaged container. Consumers can save 30 to 60% by making bulk purchases.

Cut Down on Packaging

Buying in bulk allows the consumer to use a fit-to-size reusable container, getting away from the fancy single-use packaging for a pre-packaged item.

A photo of a gravity bin with sliced cashews inside.

Profit Friendly

Bulk foods generate high margins for retailers and are fairly simple to execute. These sections also tend to be destinations for loyal shoppers, who typically purchase high ticket items and have larger basket sizes.

High Margins

Bulk products generate high profit margins – typically 40-50% for retailers.

A Great Customer

The typical bulk foods consumer is loyal and on average purchase high ticket items and have larger basket sizes than other customers.

Reduced Waste and Savings

Bulk products reduce a retailer’s landfill waste, cut down on shipping materials, and lower distribution costs.

A photo of a fixture with eight gravity bins on top and eight on bottom.