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The Bulk of It, is a quarterly newsletter published by Trade Fixtures, LLC. Since 1982, Trade Fixtures has been designing, innovating and delivering best in class bulk merchandising solutions which help retailers meet or exceed their store’s goals while creating a fun, profitable shopping experience for their customers. Whether you have been to your natural foods store to shop for the pantry staples, or have shopped the natural bulk set at a major supermarket, you have used Trade Fixtures bins to dispense your food items. Bulk merchandising is in our DNA.

It is our goal to make The Bulk of It, a relevant newsletter with a brief article, new product feature, testimonials, or even some interaction with you through a FAQ section. 




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The Bulk Of It Newsletter - Vol. 1     The Bulk Of It Newsletter - Vol. 2  
Vol. 1 - RHINO® Grind, Nut Butter Grinder   Vol. 2 - Barrel Merchandising  
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 Vol. 3 - H2Optimized    Vol. 4 - Secondary Placements  


Vol. 5 - Foodservice Placements    Vol. 6 - Bulk Department Accessories